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ALLmeansALL! Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!  

WVUSD Parent Questions/Answers During COVID-19 Closure

March 16, 2020   8:00 PM

COVID-19 School Dismissal and Closure

Q: How long will schools be closed?

A: Beginning Monday, March 16, through the regularly scheduled Spring Break (Sunday, April 19), all schools will be dismissed and/or closed to students.  This includes childcare, preschool, and all before and after school programs.  We are working closely with Public Health as we continue to receive updates and guidelines from the State and Federal governments.


March 16 – March 18        School Dismissal (“Pupil Free”/no students)

March 19 – April 9              School CLOSURE (no students/no staff)

April 10 – April 17              Spring Break Recess

April 20                              School Resume


Q: Are students or parent required to pick up personal belongings and school materials?

A: Each school site will communicate with parents on pick-up date(s) for necessary items (textbooks, materials, etc.) from the school campus.   The pick-up dates will either be Tuesday, March 17, or Wednesday, March 18, or both dates.  However, it is optional for parents and students to pick up materials. 


Q: How can parents contact staff during the school dismissal/closure?

A: Through Wednesday, March 18, 2020, please contact the District office at (909) 595-1261 or email Dr. Jeanette Koh at , if you have questions or need additional information.


In anticipation of school/district closure, we are preparing a web-based communication resource for the parent community to contact the district once all facilities are closed down. We will send out the information and post it on our District website by Thursday, March 19, 2020.


Please continue to monitor your email and the following WVUSD resources for information and updates:

  •      District website:
  •      Twitter: @ WVUSD_Tweet
  •      Instagram @walnutvalleyusd
  •      School Websites

Q: How can my student have access to wifi during the dismissal/closure?

A: Charter Communications, citing the COVID-19 coronavirus situation, announced that it will open its WiFi hotspots across the country for public use, and will offer free Spectrum broadband service and WiFi access for 60 days to households with K-12 or college students that do not already have Spectrum broadband service at any level up to 100 Mbps.   Please see attached file for more information.


School and Student Functions

Q:  How will deadlines for the registration and selection of classes for the next level (i.e. 5th grade to 6th,  8th grade to 9th) be affected with the closure?

A:  The Middle Schools and High Schools will be extending their deadline to ensure all students will be registered after re-opening of the schools.  Please check the school’s website.

State test (CAASPP) results have been one of the multiple measures for student math placement for the next grade level.  If state results are negatively impacted, we will consider suspending the state test as one of the measurements for the current school year.  In subsequent years, state testing will be part of the multiple measurements for math placement.


Q:  Will students receive an extension to register for Grade Level Coordinator (GLC) summer appointments for the high schools?

A: Yes, both high schools will communicate and post on their websites about GLC summer appointments.


  1. How will the school closure affect my child’s WVUSD summer school registration at the high schools?

A:  Please check the high school’s websites for information on dates.


Q: Will parents be reimbursed for purchased tickets to cancelled school events and field trips?

A: Each school will work with its organizations to refund purchased tickets for school events.  Many of the organizations hosting fieldtrips have already cancelled the activity.  Schools are working with various entities to address possible reimbursements.  This process will require some time, considering the complete closure of school, and any refunds will be made at a point in time after re-opening of school.



Student Learning

Q:  How will the closure affect my student’s grades in their current classes?

A: Student grades are on pause as of Friday, March 13, 2020.


Q: What learning will occur while school is dismissed/closed?

A: District and Schools will send out information for learning and enrichment curriculum resources that will be available on the websites later this week.  Our goal is to provide District-wide learning resources for all TK-12 students.  Resources will be available in both electronic and hard copy formats.  Resources are not assignments for students to complete for a grade. 


Q: Will students be prepared for next year’s math content?

A: Teachers have taught the majority of the math standards this school year. Teachers have been reviewing the math standards with students to prepare for the annual state testing (CAASPP). 


Q: Will my student and I be required to attend a scheduled Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting during school dismissal/closure?

A: All IEP meetings are cancelled during the period of school dismissal/closure. New meeting dates will be established after the re-opening of the schools.


Q: Will my student in a Credit Recovery program continue to earn credits during this school dismissal/closure?

A: All credit recovery is on pause at this time. Credit Recovery work will begin after schools reopen.


Q: Will students on short-term independent study (coordinated directly through a student’s home school) continue during the dismissal/closure?

A: This temporary option, selected by a number of parents and students in the last few weeks due to COVID-19 concerns, ends with the dismissal/closure starting March 16, 2020.  When school reopens, students are to turn in their Independent Study assignments that were completed up to March 13, 2020.


Q: Will students enrolled in the district Independent Study Program and Home Hospital, facilitated through Ron Hockwalt Academies, continue in the program?

A:  These programs are on pause during the school dismissal/closure.


Q: Will schools be extending the school year into the summer months?

A: At this time, the number of days required for a school year has been waived by the State of California.  Schools will not be extended into the summer months.


Q: Will the annual state testing (CAASPP/ELPAC) take place?

A: At this point, the US Department of Education is considering a one-year waiver of assessments impacted by COVID-19.


Q: Will Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) testing take place?

A: The district and schools have not yet been officially informed of The College Board (for AP tests) or IB plans for testing. Please monitor these organizations’ websites for announcements during this school closure.

All AP content has been taught at both of our high schools.  At this point, students have the opportunity to review the content in preparation for the upcoming AP test.  We will continue to update parents as information becomes available.


School Promotion and Graduation Ceremonies

Q: Will there be promotion and graduation events?

A: At this time, promotion and graduation events are still scheduled. Schools and the district will continue to update parents and students, as information becomes available.


Nutrition Services

Q: Will WVUSD serve student meals during school closure?

A: Meals will be provided free for any interested students at centralized locations beginning Monday, March 16, 2020.  Nutrition Services sent out more information on locations and times and the information is on our website.

Meals are available to children ages 18 and under, and can be obtained through a drive-thru service at designated locations to allow for maximum efficiency and safety. For students and families without vehicle transportation, a walk-up “Grab & Go” pick up method will be available. Children must be physically present for either method and do not need to exit the vehicle.  All meals must be taken and eaten off-site; there will be no congregating at these locations. Children do NOT need to be students of WVUSD to receive meals. Meals will be provided at no cost to the families.

Time frame for this service is 7:30am-10:00am. Locations will be the main parking lots of the following schools:

Walnut High School – Staff parking lot (400 N. Pierre Rd. Walnut, 91789)

Diamond Bar High School – In front of the gym. (21400 Pathfinder Rd. Diamond Bar, 91765)


2020316  6:00 PM


: 学校将关闭多长时间?

: 316日星期一开始,直到正常的春假期间(419日星期日),所有学校都将停课和/或学生不上课;包括托儿班,学前班以及所有上学前和放学后课程。在我们收到州和联邦政府的最新消息和指南的同时, 会继续与公共卫局紧密合作。

316-318      学校停课"学生不上课" /无学生)

319- 49       学校关闭(无学生/无工作人员)

410- 417     春假

420-                         学校恢复上课


 : 学生或家长是否必须领取个人物品和学校的教材?

: 每个学校都会通知家长到校园领取所需物品(课本,教材等)的日期; 日期会是317日星期二或318日星期三,或两天都可以。但是,家长和学生也可选择是否



: 学校停课/关闭期间如何与学校人员联络?

: 318日星期三以前,如果您有任何疑问或需要其他信息,可与学区办公室联系,电话是(909595-1261,或发送电子邮件给Dr.Jeanette Koh,。







: 学校停课/关闭期间,我的學生有机会使用wifi

: 由於COVID-19冠狀病毒大流行,Charter Communications宣布將在全國開放其WiFi(無綫上網)熱點提供大眾使用,如果家裡有K-12歲或大專學生,卻還沒有任何Spectrum WiFi的家庭,將提供60天免費高達100 Mbps的WiFi寬頻服務。


  • 如果家裡有K-12歲或大專學生,卻還沒有任何Spectrum WiFi的家庭,將提供60天免費高達100 Mbps的WiFi寬頻服務。請致電1-844- 488-8395 申請。新學生家庭將免除安裝費。



:  停课将如何影响下一级(即5年级至6年级,8年级至9年级)的注册和选课的截止日期?

:  初中和高中将延长截止日期,以确定在学校重新上课后,所有学生都已注册。 请查阅学校的网站。

州考试(CAASPP)的结果一直是下一年级学生数学排课的多项衡量指标之一。 如果州的成绩受到负面影响,我们将考虑中止州考试作为此学年的衡量标准。 在接下来的几年中,州测试还会是数学排课的多项衡量指标之一。


: 学生会收到夏季延期与GLC约谈注册的信息吗?

: 会的,两所高中都会进行沟通,并将GLC夏季约谈时刻表发布在网站上。


停课对我在WVUSD高中 孩子的暑期注册有何影响?

:  请查阅高中的网站以获取有关注册日期的信息。


: 家长已购买的学校活动和校外教学的门票可以得到退款吗?

: 各个学校将与各机构洽谈学校活动门票的退款事宜。许多主办此类校外教学的机构已经取消了活动. 学校正在与各机构合作以解决可能的退费问题。在校园关闭的情况下, 此过程将需要一段时间,而且也会在学校重新上课后才退款。



:  停课对学生课程的成绩会有何影响?

: 学生成绩暂停在2020年3月13日星期五。


: 学校停课/关闭期间学生如何学习?

: 学区和学校将发送有关学习和充实课程资源的信息,几天后,这些信息也可以在网上得悉, 从2020319日星期四开始。 我们的目标是为所有TK-12学生提供全学区范围的学习资源; 资源将以电子和拷贝格式提供。 资源不是作业也不会给学生成绩。 


: 学生已准备好明年的数学课程标准了吗?

: 本学年,老师已教了大多数数学课程标准。 老师也一直在与学生复习数学标准,以准备年度州测试(CAASPP)。


: 在学校停课/关闭期间,我和我的学生是否会被要求参加已预约好的个人化教育计划(IEP)会议?

: 在学校停课/关闭期间,所有IEP会议均被取消。 新的会议日期将在学校开学后再重新约定。

: 在学校停课/关闭期间,我的学生会在学分恢复计划中继续获得学分吗?: 目前,所有学分恢复计划课程均暂停。开学后,学分恢复计划课程才会再开始。


: 学校停课和关闭期间,接受短期独立学习(直接通过学生居家所属学校协调)的学生会继续吗?

: 这个因COVID-19的疫情,过去数周内许多家长和学生的临时选项,在2020年3月16日学校停课和关闭日开始就结束了。当学校重新上课时,学生将交出完成至2020年3月13日的独立学习作业。


: 透过Ron Hockwalt Academies在学区独立学习计划和家庭/医院学习的学生是否会继续参加该计划?

:  这些课程在学校停课和关闭期间也暂停。


: 学校是否会将学年延长至夏季月份?

: 目前,加州已经被豁免一学年要求必须上满的天数,所以学校不会延长到夏季。


: 会进行年度测试(CAASPP / ELPAC)?

: 目前,因COVID-19的影响,联邦教育部正在考虑免除评估一年。


: 是否会有进阶课程的考试(AP)和国际文凭课程(IB)考试?

: 大学学区理事会还未正式通知学区和学校有关测试计划 - AP测试或IB。 在学校停课期间,请注意查阅这些组织的网站公告。

我们两所高中都教授了所有AP课程内容。 此时,学生有机会为即到来的AP测试做复习准备。 当有更新的信息时,我们会继续通知家长。




: 会有升级和毕业活动吗?

: 目前,升级和毕业活动仍在计划中; 随着信息的更新,学校和学区将继续通知家长和学生。



: WVUSD在学校停课期间是否为学生提供餐食?

: 从2020年3月16日星期一开始,将在集中地区免费提供餐点给所有有兴趣的学生。营养服务局发送了更多有关地点和时间的信息,该信息也在我们的网站上。


餐点的提供适用于18岁及以下的儿童,为了达到最高的效率和安全性,我们将在指定地点以 "得来速"(drive-thru服务发送餐点; 没有交通工具的学生和家庭,我们可以 "领了就走"  (Grab&Go)。无论是那一种方式,儿童必须在现场,但不需要下车。所有餐点都必须带离现场,不可在现场食用;这些地点不是聚餐的场所。非WVUSD的学童也可领取餐点,所有膳食都是免费提供给家庭


这项服务的时段 ; 7:30 am-10:00am。地点将是以下学校的主要停车场:

核桃高中–教职员工停车场 (400 N. Pierre Rd. Walnut, 91789)

钻石吧高中–体育馆前 (21400 Pathfinder Rd. Diamond Bar, 91765)