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ALLmeansALL! Walnut Valley USD is proud to be a National Schools to Watch District with numerous National Blue Ribbon, California Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished School awards. Our motto is KIDS FIRST... Every Student, Every Day!  

Distance Learning & Chromebook Distributuion

April 6, 2020   8:30 PM


Dear WVUSD Families,


As a follow-up to our Superintendent’s update to all families last week, WVUSD teachers, administrators, and staff have been working to coordinate a seamless rollout of our district’s Phase 2 Expanded Distance Learning which is scheduled to begin after Spring Break on Monday, April 20.


In order to prepare our families and students to engage fully in Distance Learning, the WVUSD Educational Services have provided the following updates and guidelines for families.  


Distance Learning is defined as a broad instructional approach where teachers and students are not in the same place and same time.  TK-12 teachers have been working on a plan to support all students to ensure students will be able to engage fully in Distance Learning.


Beginning Monday, April 20,  students will be required to connect with their teachers,  where teachers will be moving forward with the curriculum. Some things you can do to help prepare your child for a successful Distance Learning experience include:


·        Establish a quiet workplace with limited distractions

·        Put all of your materials in one location

·        Parents or students should begin checking email or electronic communication regularly from their classroom teacher

·        Make sure your child remembers to move and exercise. This is vitally important to their health, well-being, and learning. Teachers may recommend activities or exercises.

·        Reach out to the teacher immediately if you have any questions.


How will students connect with their teacher and classmates?

·        Teachers will inform students and parents of the delivery model they will use to connect with students. Examples of ways students may connect are through emails, Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc.

·        Teachers will determine the delivery model and support they will use to provide Distance Learning.


Although Distance Learning is not intended to be a 6 hour class with daily face-to-face instruction, teachers may choose to set up times for live discussion or instruction. Just as we have rules and expectations in school, please remind your child that we have rules and expectations for participating online.  Help your child to do the following:


·        Be aware of what is in view on the camera behind you

·        Be on time for the meeting

·        Follow all guidelines established by your teacher

·        Be respectful of all participants

·        Remember, it is not legal to record or post images or content without permission of the teacher (CA ED Code 51512)


Please review the District Acceptable Use Policy with your child, which was signed by all parents at the start of the 2019-2020 school year.  Reviewing the guidelines outlined in the District Acceptable Use Policy with your child will provide clear expectations and responsible use of technology while engaging in Distance Learning.


Your child’s principal or teacher will email parents the guidelines and schedules that have been created to ensure students have a balance with school work through Distance Learning, time to connect with teachers, and family responsibilities.


Device Checkout Guidelines for Parents

Devices will be distributed by appointment only. Those that completed the Device Loan Agreement form will receive an email stating the appointment time and location.  You must either show the email from your phone or a hard copy to pick up a device.

Devices will be distributed at each school parking lot or designated pick up zone. Parents are recommended to stay in their car. Your child must be present to pick up a Chromebook. Parents that have children at multiple schools will need to visit each school separately.

For instructions on how to log on to the device, how to use Google Classroom, or connect the device to WiFi, please visit the website at

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no date set on when to return the device.

We thank you for your continued support and partnership as we navigate these unprecedented times.   

WVUSD Educational Services





学区总监上周对所有家庭们作资讯的更新后,接着核桃谷学区的老师,行政人员和教职员们就一直努力在如何无间断地协调学区于4月20日星期一春假后开始的第 二阶段的远程学习计划。




远程学习是老师和学生不在同一地点和时间的广泛教学方法。 TK-12老师一直在策划能确保支持所有学生充分参与的远程学习计划。




  • 锁定一个安靜又不容易分心的的工作場所
  • 将所有资料放在同一个地方
  • 家长或学生应该开始定期查阅由导师传来的电邮或电子通讯
  • 确保您的孩子记得运动和锻炼, 这对于他们的健康,福祉和学习至关重要。教师可以推荐活动或练习
  • 如有任何问题,请立即与老师联络



  • 老师将告知学生和家长他们用来与学生联系的; 例如学生可以通过电子邮件,Google Classroom, Google docs. 等与老师联系
  • 老师会决定他们授课模式和协助传达远程学习的方式




  • 请留意摄像头能照到你身后的景物
  • 准时上课
  • 遵守老师制定的所有准则
  • 尊重所有参与者
  • 请记住,未经老师许可作记录或发布图像或内容是违法的 (加州教育法51512)

请与您的孩子一起 阅读所有家长在2019-2020学年开始时都已签署的文件District Acceptable Use Policy 《学区可接受的使用政策》。 与您的孩子一起复习其内概述的准则,会让他们清楚明白在参与远程学习时,他们该遵守的行为和使用技术设备的责任心。





设备将依照预约分发。填写了《设备租借协议》表格的家长将收到一封电子邮件,说明拿取的时间和地点。 您必须出示手机中的电子邮件或打印的副本才能取得设备。


设备会在每个学校停车场或指定的地方发送。建议父母留在自己的车里, 您的孩子必须在场才能取走Chromebook。有小孩在不同学校的家长必须分别到每所学校去领取。


有关如何登录设备,如何使用Google Classroom或将设备连接到WiFi的说明,请上访网站: