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Schools Join National “Mix it Up Day”

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Schools Join National “Mix it Up Day”
Students Make New Friends in a Flash!

WALNUT, CA--On Tuesday, October 18, Walnut Valley Schools held Mix it Up Day events to promote making new friends and school involvement.

Suzanne Middle School’s Drama, Leadership, and PALS (Peer Assisted Leaders) groups teamed up for a “flash mob dance” event.

The first surprise 16-count “flash mob dance” was held in the morning with members of the three groups wearing purple “Together, Everyone Accomplishes More” t-shirts. 

As the surprise flash mob music was played throughout the day, more and more students joined in the hip-hop fun. The goal was that everyone on campus was flash mob dancing together by the end of the day. Intervention Counselor Greg Stokes said he did the Macarena dance with students!

At lunchtime, students got involved playing the Simon Says game in the amphitheater.

And when the familiar music You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship began playing, they rushed to line up to join the flash mob dance they had learned earlier in the day.

“It was something that we haven’t ever done,” said Joy Cai, 8th grade drama student.

“I think it went pretty well and almost everyone participated because they thought it was exiting,” she said.

Evergreen Elementary School’s Student Council organized a Mix It Up at Lunch Day event.  Instead of sitting with their friends, students were grouped at lunch tables according to their birth month.

“The Student Council provided conversation starters for each table and the fun began.  It was the perfect opportunity for students to make new friends, discover what they had in common, and learn about each other,” said Principal Dr. Don Trimmer.  Special thanks to Student Council, advisors Kathy Riddle and Lily Chang, Success Coach Diana Ketterman, and parent Trisha Thornock.

Quail Summit Elementary students made new friends during lunchtime and then completed a puzzle with pieces they discovered during a scavenger hunt.  Teacher Erin Ruhl coordinated the event with the help of parent volunteers.

It was so fun!” said Principal Dr. Alysia Hobbs. The kids got popsicles and red Mix it Up bracelets when they completed their puzzle challenge.

“They were so excited when they made their new friends. It was really heartwarming and they even danced as they got their treats!” she said.

Collegewood Elementary students made new friends when they shared lunch and played getting to know you activities in randomly mixed groups.  Group members introduced themselves and played the "Just Like Me" game.   Students gave a "high five" if they felt the same way about the statement that the leader made.

The children brought their lunch and a blanket or towel for the picnic-style event coordinated by first grade teacher Laura O’Donnell.

“Our students really enjoyed Mix It Up Day,” she said. "I even know fifth graders!" said one of her first grade students after the event.

“The children had lots of ideas about what they had in common and I discovered that several Collegewood kids have the same interests that I do!” said first grade teacher Liz Dickerson. 

“It was great to see kindergarteners to fifth graders mixing it up together and helping each other out. What a great example these students showed about getting along with others!” said Principal Carolyn Wills.

The national Mix it Up program helps K-12 teachers develop inclusive school communities by breaking down barriers between students and improving intergroup relations so there are fewer misunderstandings that can lead to conflicts and bullying.


Collegewood Elementary students shared a picnic lunch and games during Mix it Up day. 

Collewood students got signatures from five group members after they introduced themselves. 

Suzanne Middle School students Inma Haffez, Claire Martinez, Alexis Newberry, and Taliyah Hardy joined in the fun during the Mix it Up day held October 18.  

The Suzanne Middle School amphitheater stage filled with Drama, Leadership, and PALS students leading a flash mob dancing during lunch. 

February Fun! Evergreen’s Mix it Up at Lunch Day grouped students according to birthday month. 

Evergreen students with made new friends during the Mix it Up at Lunch Day. Shown: Melody Rong and Lillie Herrera.