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A True Blue Tradition

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February 17, 2012                                                                  Walnut, CA 91789

Suzanne Hosts Annual Blue and White Tea

WALNUT, CA-- Suzanne Middle School presented a true blue tradition for 8th graders on February 17 during the Blue and White Tea.

The annual event has been held for over 30 years, said teacher Marla Rickard.

A balloon arch, floral arrangements, table linens, decorations, soft lighting, and live music set the tone as the well-dressed couples entered the event arm in arm.

For the formal occasion, the dress code required girls to wear dresses, and boys to sport shirts and ties.  No jeans and tennis shoes were anywhere in sight.

Guests dined on a traditional tea menu of a tiny sandwiches, pastries cheese and crackers, and fruit. 

Eighteen 7th grade volunteer hostesses served beverages of punch, tea, and decaffeinated coffee.

The entire 8th grade class, over 500 students, was served during five tea services held in the Multi Purpose Room. The 55-member Challenger Orchestra provided music during each processional.

Suzanne teachers and kids look forward to this event every year said 8th grade Social Studies teacher Charlotte Jenson about the school event held for over three decades.

“It’s just one of the highlights of eighth grade,” she said.  “Everybody is invested, it’s a tradition, and they want it to keep it alive, “she added.

The 8th graders prepared for the special event with several days of etiquette classes held during their P.E. classes. 

Etiquette is kind of a lost art,“ said 8th grade teacher Jill Kelley.

Students got a chance to practice what they learned at the tea including how to properly escort a lady, open the door, pull out the chair, place the napkin in the lap, and how use the silverware.

“And we tell them this is the test and we’re watching you!” she added.

There were also conversation starters on the tables.

In case they get nervous, it gives them an opportunity to have a ‘go to’ because everybody has something in sight that they can read and start a conversation, explained Orchestra Director Ami Garvin. 

Parent volunteers took care of all the food preparation and washed every single dish five times.

“They help beyond measure and without their help, this event wouldn’t happen!” Kelley said.


Hostess Adrienna Caparaz serves tea to Marriah Ramirez and Alec Dunham.

Suzanne 8th graders filled their plates with tea treats at the annual Blue and White Tea held February 17. 

Suzanne 8th graders at the Suzanne Blue and White Tea with entertainment provided on stage by the Challenger Orchestra. 

Nicholas Wang gets a “A” for practicing etiquette by pulling out a chair for Teresa Gan.

The Blue and White Tea gave students an opportunity use etiquette skills and have fun too!