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“Nerd Girls” Debuts on Suzanne Stage

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April 12, 2012                                                                           Walnut, CA 91789

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“Nerd Girls” Debuts on Suzanne Stage

WALNUT, CA--Suzanne Middle School Drama Department will present a new play Nerd Girls, the final production of the year, on April 20 and 21 at 7 p.m.

On Saturday, April 14, all the actors will be introduced during a special red carpet event after a preview performance for family, friends, the author, and his family.

“Nerd Girls was written by Alan Sitomer, one of my fellow California Teachers of the Year from 2007,” said math and drama teacher Helen Papadopoulos.

Sitomer wrote the book for Disney and then turned it into a play for Suzanne. 

“We are the first school ever to be able to put on the play and after that he will be selling the rights to it to other schools who want to put it on.  It’s so exciting!” she said.  

“It’s awesome that this is the first world premiere of the play,” said 7th grader Ryan Lopez.

And it’s been a blast working on it, he said.

Marien Astillero said that the main part of the play is to give the audience the message that it’s OK to be a nerd.

“I mean nerds rule the world!” the 7th grader exclaimed.

Tickets are $7 each. For reservations, please contact Director Helen Papadopoulos at (909) 594-1657.

Suzanne Middle School Multipurpose Room is located at 525 Suzanne Road in Walnut.

Nerd Girls captures middle school humor and friendship. Maureen, a thirteen-year-old self-proclaimed dork-a-saurus, is totally addicted to cupcakes and hot dogs and thinks that her body looks like a baked potato. Allergy-plagued Alice can't touch a mango without breaking out in a rash, and if she eats wheat, her vision goes blurry. Klutzy to the extreme, Barbara is a beanpole who often embarrasses herself in front of the whole school.

These outcasts don't have much in common--other than the fact that they are often targets of the ThreePees: the Pretty, Popular, Perfect girls who rule the school. Maureen decides that it's time to stand up to the. She joins forces with Alice and Barbara and the Nerd Girls enter the school talent show, determined to take the crown from the ThreePees. Will their routine be enough to de-throne the popular crowd? Or will their plan backfire and shake their hold on the bottom rung of the social ladder?

Don't’ miss Nerd Girls playing April 20 and 21!


Nerd Girls Lauren “Maureen ‘Mo’ Saunders” Garrett, Joy “Barbara ‘Beanpole’ Tanner” Cai, and Anissa “Allergy Alice Applebee” Bretado hatch a plan to enter the school’s talent show. 

The ThreePees taunt the Nerd Girls during the talent show rehearsal. Shown: Anissa Bretado, Lauren Garrett, Joy Cai, Leah “Kiki Masters” Rickard, Marissa “Brittany ‘Brattany’ Johnston” Barajas, Samantha “Sofes O’Reilly” Alvarez, and Jacob “Poochy” Steadward.