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Benihana Luncheon Honors Students

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May 22, 2012                                                                            Walnut, CA 91789

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Benihana Luncheon Honors Students

WALNUT, CA--Ten elementary students were treated to a sizzling reward during Benihana Restaurant’s 14th annual Lunch with the Principal held May 21.

After enjoying a teppan-style lunch prepared by a personal chef, the students were personally honored by their principals.

Each of the nine elementary schools in Walnut Valley Unified School District chose a hard working student to honor during the special lunchtime adventure.

And for the first time, one school selected twins to be recognized during the event held at the City of Industry restaurant.

Congratulations to this year’s honorees: Brandon Tran – Quail Summit; Evan and Christian Miller – Castle Rock; Alice Zhang – C.J. Morris; Zoe Marquez – Evergreen; Megan Lam – Maple Hill; Sarita Quesada – Vejar; Giselle Quintero – Collegewood; Matthew Rivera – Walnut El; and Caroline Yan- Westhoff.

The students were selected for improvements in academics, citizenship, growth, and working well with others. Some had gone through challenges, yet they are making the best of the situation.

Benihana’s Lunch with the Principal provides an opportunity to recognize these youngsters for their determination and perseverance and to applaud it.

Manager Raymond Chan said he hopes the special recognition makes a long-lasting impact in their lives.

“We are here to celebrate the students for their extraordinary effort to succeed,” he said.

The skilled chefs entertained their audiences by creating tiny smoking volcanoes from onion rings and flipping shrimp tails into their stovepipe hats.

Fifth graders Serita Quesada and Brandon Tran helped Chef Raul Rodriguez. They donned official Benihana red hats and took turns carefully flipping the grilled chicken. Castle Rock Principal Carol Sullivan even joined the fun!

“We’re so proud of her because she’s shown her personal best,” said Maple Hill Principal Nancy Stingley about 5th grade honoree Megan Lam.

“When things are tough she just keeps at it, she shows great perseverance, and great proactivity,” said Collegewood Elementary Principal Carolyn Wills about honoree Giselle Quintero.

“Brandon (Tran) is absolutely a Quail Summit student to the core. He represents perseverance and continues to try even if it gets difficult,” Principal Dr. Alicia Hobbs said.

Superintendent Dr. Dean Conklin congratulated each student as he presented the certificates of recognition. They also received a gift bag from the restaurant and posed for keepsake photos with their principal.

After all the awards and photos, Vejar honoree Sarita Quesada was happily finishing her creamy vanilla ice cream.

What did she like best about the event?

“Everything!” she exclaimed

Benihana’s skilled chefs entertained guests during the Lunch with the Principal event. 

Superintedent Dr. Dean Conklin with Maple Hill honoree Megan Lam and Principal Nancy Stingley. 

Vejar honoree Serita Quesada got to help grill the chicken.

Walnut Elementary Principal Janet Green and honoree Matthew Rivera. Mrs. Green said Matthew is a “leader and role model."

Several honorees gathered for a photo wearing their official chef hats including Matthew Rivera, Brandon Tran, Alice Zhang, Megan Lam, Sarita Quesada, Caroline Yan, Giselle Quintero, and Zoe Marquez.