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DBHS Virtual Enterprise Totes Away Awards

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May 13, 2013                                                                       Walnut, CA 91789

Diamond Bar Virtual Enterprise Class Totes Away Awards

DIAMOND BAR, CA—Diamond Bar High School students won 1st Place at the year-end trade show for virtual business students.

Students in the ROP Virtual Enterprise course develop and run a company of their own while learning hands-on business practices and entrepreneurial concepts.

Teacher Daniel Gorden leads the current group who call their business the 235 Tote Bag Co.

The Diamond Bar students excelled during the competition held at Claremont High School on May 3.

The group took home 1st Place in Franchise Presentation and 2nd Place in Comprehensive Marketing.

“I couldn't be more proud of these students,” Gorden said.

"The class is literally run by the students, from the leadership structure to product design to the final marketing implementation. They have worked incredibly hard and have enjoyed great exposure to business and marketing, clearly illustrated by their success at this last competition,” he added.

The Franchise Presentation required students to prepare a franchise offering circular and a sample franchise agreement package. The project culminated into a two-hour presentation at the tradeshow.

About 200 students from the eleven schools in attendance circulated among the various presentations and purchased their favorite products.

The 235 Tote Bag Co. sold over 42 vending machines during the trade show.

"This course has opened my eyes to how a real business operates and has given me a great experience that prepares me for my major in Business Marketing," reflected senior CEO Miranda Canseco.

The marketing competition was a compilation of all marketing and advertising skills taught during the school year.

Although the Virtual Enterprise course requires students to sell products virtually, the DBHS students have gone above and beyond by creating physical products to sell as a class fundraiser for field trips and competitions that provide additional opportunities to experience the real world of business.

The company is currently selling three different lines of tote bags to meet a variety of consumer’s tastes and need. Sports bags and Tote bags are $12 each and Eco bags are $10 each.

Sports bags display the “Brahma Pride” logo made from 210 Denier Nylon and heavy duty drawstrings that are a must have for every athlete.

The tote bags are 100% cotton and display “I ♥ DBHS” and are perfect for everyday needs while displaying school pride and spirit.

The class is also selling environmentally friendly grocery bags that display “Eco-Brahmas” as the logo.

“This not only saves the environment, but it also supports DBHS,” said sophomore CFO Rae Lasko. DBHS Tote Bags can be purchased on campus at the student store. The class website demonstrates the virtual business at


The DBHS Virtual Enterprise display at the trade show.

Sophomore and Virtual Enterprise CFO Rae Lasko during the trade show presentation on May 2. 

DBHS Virtual Enterprise students Edward Kwan, Jay Wang, Michael Ou, Miranda Canseco, and Raymond Li proudly show off awards from the competition.