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Collegewood Kids Get Traffic Safety Lesson

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August 29, 2013                                                                  Walnut, CA 91789

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Collegewood Kids Get Traffic Safety Lesson

WALNUT, CA—Collegewood Elementary students got a lesson in traffic safety rules on August 29.

The youngsters gathered on the school’s front lawn during two back-to-school assemblies led by Community Club parents.

Principal Joan Perez and Community Club Co-President Lily Eibert described the rules that were acted out by Cougar volunteers.

“The goal was to teach a few important safety rules to the children and how to help their parents follow them too,” said Principal Joan Perez

“When you are dropped off and picked up at school we need to make sure you follow all the safety rules,” Perez said to the students.  

The traffic rally plan demonstrated the rules for the staff parking lot, white loading/unloading zones, double parking, crosswalk and red curbs.

Moms and dads lined up at the curb in front of the school in decorated cardboard cars with paper plate wheels.   

The demonstrations included the right and wrong way for each safety rule. The children participated by giving the thumbs up or down sign.

During the student loading and unloading lesson children were told to remember - No Feet on the Street.

“So if your parents say ‘we’re in a hurry it’s OK get out’, what are you going to tell them?” said Principal Perez.

The children replied the rule together “No Feet on the Street!”

After the crosswalk demonstration the children repeated another safety rule with their Principal

“In the crosswalk, you have to stop and look both ways before you cross,” they chanted in unison.

Next came the parking in the red zone lesson.

“Let’s see what happens when this parent and her student are running late for school,” Community Club Co-President Lily Eibert said.

When a parent driving the little blue cougar car parked in the red zone, Sheriff Deputy Doug Daley immediately pulled her over and issued her a ‘ticket’.

“If you follow these safety rules, you’re going to keep everyone safe from harm,” Principal Perez said.

First grade parent Sandy Ibarra played the parent who got the ticket for parking in the red zone. This is her second year helping with the assembly.

“This is so effective because my boys are always watching out for our safety. This really helps,” she said.

“And it’s also great that we have a police officer who comes and supports us,” she said.

“I know it works because you hear the children’s reactions. You hear them laughing ‘oh no that is so wrong!’ or you hear them saying ‘oooh’ because they got it. They got the message that this is incorrect,” said parent volunteer Betsy Castellanos.

“They are like sticklers while we have a million things on our mind,” she added.

“Our goal is to keep kids safe. So by teaching them with our Community Club showing different scenarios of how they can and can not park while dropping off and picking up their children,” Perez said.


Collegewood parents demonstrated safety rules for students during a demonstration on August 29.  Students gave the thumbs down sign when they demonstrated the wrong way to drop off a child for school. 

Deputy Doug Daley issued a ticket to a parent who demonstrated parking in the red zone while dropping off her child. Shown: Sandy Ibarra as the driver and Betsy Castellanos as the student. (

Collegewood students watched the demonstration as cars lined up correctly for a morning drop of. 

Collegewood safety leaders Principal Joan Perez and Community Club Co-President helped teach important safety rules to students during a traffic safety assembly on August 29. 
Ready to roll - parent volunteer Hans Wang climbed into a miniature Mater tow truck before the safety demonstration at Collegewood Elementary School.

After watching the correct demonstration for crosswalk safety, students gave a thumbs-up sign.