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Westhoff Students Experience Colonial Faire

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March 7, 2014                                                                       Walnut, CA 91789

Kelli Gile, Office of Community Resources
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Westhoff Students Experience Colonial Faire

WALNUT, CA—Westhoff Elementary fifth graders got a chance to experience 18th century life during a Colonial Faire held on March 7.

During the annual event, about 100 students, dressed up as peasants, royals and soldiers were excited as they rotated through hands-on activities.

Over 50 parent volunteers headed up each station. Students weaved rag rugs and cut paper whirligigs.

They played simple games, learned quill writing, colonial dancing and made hand-dipped candles.

Students sat very still as parent volunteers traced their silhouettes and then carefully transformed softened cornhusks into dolls.

In the manners and etiquette station, they learned the importance of using a napkin.

“Putting on a napkin was a big deal during colonial days because clothing was washed only once a month. So they really tried to keep them clean,” said parent Katharina Tang.

“Now, if you get your clothes dirty, you just put them in the laundry basket,” she said.

After the morning activities, students looked forward to sampling delicious cornmeal Johnny cakes and apple rings topped with cinnamon sugar.

The event is the culminating activity on their recent studies on the colonial era of American History.

“Seeing all of the parent volunteers and teachers working together to make this event possible is really powerful. It’s good for the parents, good for the kids, and good for the staff,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Taylor.


Westhoff students Michelle Jiang, Savarin Chilukuri and Natalie Olvera showed their cornhusk dolls. “The head has a cotton ball inside,” Natalie said. 

Armando Heredia enjoyed playing colonial games 

Westhoff students played simple outdoor games of the past. Shown: Sarah Barahja, dressed as a royal, mastered rolling the circle using a wooden dowel  

Students participated in a manners and etiquette lesson with parent Katharina Tang during the Colonial Faire. 

Parent volunteer Jessica Chou traced Elijah Christian’s silhouette. 

Over 50 parent volunteers helped run the variety of stations during the Westhoff Colonial Faire on March 7. 

Students got the chance to practice writing with quill and ink. 

Students were eager to make hand-dipped candles.