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Elementary students demonstrate IB skills

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Elementary students demonstrate IB skills

WALNUT, CA—This month, fifth graders presented year-end research projects during I.B. Exhibitions at C.J. Morris and Castle Rock elementary schools.

The end-of-the-year event is the culmination of the students’ K-5 learning experience at the international schools.

Ninety-five C.J. Morris students voted to choose the topic of Homelessness, based on one central idea: children worldwide face many challenges and risk. Their 2014 I.B. Exhibition was held on May 15.

Each team chose an area to research and spent for several weeks on their presentations.

Topics included homeless in our community, state, country, and world.  Each group developed an oral presentation, technology and creative component, and action plan for families at the event.

“We can all help homeless children all over the world and give them happiness,” said Team Action members Joshua McBride, Eddie Cabrera, Kyle Tchen, Abbey Arzola, and Ginger Alvarez.

The team suggested several ideas to help out including sending money to shelters, giving gift cards, donating clothing, food, or adopting homeless children.

The group also made t-shirts, wrote a song, and created an iMovie for their project.

They agreed they got to know each other and liked working together during the past weeks.

“We got lucky!” said Joshua McBride. 

At Castle Rock Elementary, 5th graders presented “Sharing the Planet” inquiry-based research projects during the I.B. Exhibition held on May 22.

Eighty-six students used their IB skills, attitudes, and attributes acquired in the elite program.

Fifteen groups researched topics of their choice, based on modern-day issues ranging from Water Usage to Renewable Energy and Global Warming.

Presentations included display boards, technology and artistic components, mathematical data to support their findings, and action plans.

Students created videos, hosted live debates, and were eager to answer questions after the program.


C.J. Morris “Team Action members Joshua McBride, Eddie Cabrera, Kyle Tchen, Abbey Arzola, Ginger Alvarez showed they are ready to help the homeless at the I.B. Exhibition held on May 15. 

Nathan Sepulveda, Rane Padilla, Samantha Kozlo, Robert Davis, Jason Hsu showed their creative hat project after their presentation. 

C.J. Morris fifth graders talked about homelessness during the 2014 I.B. Exhibition.  

Castle Rock 5th grade students passed out brochures after their presentation on the quality of animal life in zoos.

Castle Rock students researched Orcas in Captivity for their I.B. Exhibition on May 22.  Shown: Ashley Yeh, Kasee Verma, Ana Rodriguez, Claire Chou, and Celin Wang.  

A group of young scientists at Castle Rock Elementary researched the effects of Chem Trails for their I.B. Exhibition. Shown: Amana Lee, Joseph Chen, Ethan Ly, Preston Lee, and Aidan Yim.