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Vejar Students Grow Blue Ribbon Garden

WALNUT, CA—Vejar Elementary fourth grade students harvested awards during the 2014 Schools’ Agriculture and Nutrition Fair.

The Special Education class is celebrating four blue ribbons they received during the springtime contest.

Top prizes were awarded to their Grape Expectations sawhorse display, a Lion farm animal, and Classroom Garden bounty of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

“The kids came up all the adjectives to describe why grapes are good,” said Teacher Jennifer Troudy.

The teacher printed out words including Sweet, Raisins, Dulce, and Jelly that were nestled among decorated vines and bunches of grapes.

 The From Egg to Chick by Room 26 entry earned an additional blue ribbon.

The project chronicled the 21-day adventure of the little chick named Number Seven who hatched in the class.

Students love to pet the two-month-old spunky clucker who often flies around the classroom.

“He’s funny because he walks super fast and pecks at our shoes and sandals!” one student said.

Each day, he follows Instructional Aide Helene McDonald down the hallway to the nearby garden. Lucky Number Seven chomps on pesky pill bugs that like to invade the lush greenery.

McDonald credits the successful crop to fresh coffee grounds provided each day by a local Starbucks and the tender care by the students in Room 26.

A three-foot tall Tin Man Scarecrow created from empty coffee cans earned a 4th place ribbon.

“I am so proud of my students!  They worked hard all year to make our garden beautiful and I am so impressed with their garden knowledge,”Troudy added.


Vejar Elementary students and staff celebrate winning entries in the 2014 Schools’ Agriculture and Nutrition Fair. 

The Tin Man Scarecrow took a 4th Place award. 

A Lion farm animal entry won the 1st Place blue ribbon. 

Students like their two-month-old classroom pet named Number Seven. Their Egg to Chick by Room 26 documented how they cared for the egg until it hatched.  And it earned a blue ribbon! 

The Vejar Elementary Classroom 26 garden is full of strawberries, beans, tomatoes, carrots, onions, marigolds, grapes, eggplant, lettuce, spinach, sunflowers and peppers.