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Vejar science night offers fun for entire family

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Vejar science night offers fun for entire family

WALNUT, CA--Vejar Elementary’s annual science night offered a dozen fun and captivating activities for families.

At the airlift challenge, students learned how much they could lift with their breath.

Students blew into a straw attached to a baggie positioned under a textbook.

Many could lift an entire stack of six books!

At another table, youngsters made parachutes from paper cups, string, and a sheet of plastic.

They launched their creations from the top of the amphitheater in front of cheering parents.

The elementary students also made hoop gliders by taping two paper loops to straws. They found out the simple design could fly up to ten feet!

During minute challenges, the Walnut students raced the clock using chopsticks to pluck tiny planets (marbles) into a cup.

Others raced to stack plastic cups into towers.

Miguel Villavert, a first grader, handily stacked an impressive seven red cups before the wind knocked it over.

Teachers Lora Wilson, Giselle Cordova, and Glenda Baker organized the family event held on April 24 from 6-9 p.m.

Experts from Walnut High’s Science Olympiad team assisted the young inventors during the activities.

Sophomore Cherie Chu headed up the levitating sphere challenge where students wrapped up a tissue paper ball and made it float.

The youngsters lined up for a chance to magically make the blue paper spheres float in empty water bottles.

“The levitating ball is my favorite!” said third grader Sophia Sibal.

Other students estimated how many drops of water could float on top of a penny.

“I got four!” said fourth grader Nadia Nunoz.

At the invention convention, students showed off their clever designs.

Anastasia Davis used her programming skills to create a Robo Timer from a Lego Mindstorm kit.

The robot beeps every 20 minutes to help students remember to take a 20 second break while playing video games.

Fifth grader Jose Pelayo showed off his lava lamp that used a cell phone flashlight to illuminate the colored water.

“It’s totally fun –there’s a lot of imagination!” exclaimed parent Ying Liu.


Vejar first grader Miguel Villavert competed in a minute challenge during the school’s science night. 

Vejar families made captured special moments at the science fair. 

Fourth grader Winston Chang used his breath to lift heavy books. 

Sophia Liu, a fifth grader, proudly launched a parachute. Shown with her dad, Changhui Liu. 

Vejar students were mesmerized with the levitating sphere challenge. 

Students carefully picked up marbles with chopsticks during a minute challenge. 

Vejar Elementary students showed off their inventions, including a lava lamp and selfie hat during the science night. 

The kids took photos with special guests wearing Star Wars costumes in the multi-purpose room. Shown: Xavier Quintero.