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Suzanne teacher awarded 21st century class makeover

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May 27, 2015                                                                  Walnut, CA 91789



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Suzanne teacher awarded 21st century class makeover

WALNUT, CA-- Suzanne Middle School math teacher Amy Erickson has been selected for a 21st century classroom makeover, valued at $25,000.

She was among hundreds of attendees at the CUE educational technology conference in March. Like most teachers, Erickson visited the vendor showcase in-between sessions.

At one particular display, OnPoint Innovative Learning Environments, Erickson struck up a conversation.

“I sat down at the booth and said ‘show me what you have’,” she explained.

“We talked a lot about math and what I’d like to do in my class. Then, the owner handed me a piece of paper and said write down your dream list,” Erickson described.

She jotted down that she wanted a new LCD projector.

“Mine’s not very good, but we don’t have the money for a new one, “ Erickson replied.

OnPoint suggested that she think bigger and create a list for an ideal classroom, and to follow up after the conference. She did.

Erickson soon visited to the Ontario office and OnPoint personnel came out and visited her classroom.

“The first thing they liked is a math teacher that’s classroom is not set up in rows. We like to do group work for Common Core,” Erickson said.

On May 26, CEO Kevin Mulligan and Director Tiffany Chan made the official announcement in Erickson’s class.

“We’ll be modernizing the classroom with new projection systems and technology for your teacher and you to enjoy,” Mulligan said.

The 7th grade Algebra students cheered after hearing the amazing news.

The Walnut Valley class will receive a new projection system, an additional screen on opposite side of room, document camera, surround sound, software, as well as, in-class support and training. The goal is for the upgrades to be complete when school starts in the fall

“She was selected by our team,” Mulligan explained. “We loved her personality and her enthusiasm.”

“It became really clear that we wanted to do something for this lady. It all came together with the support of the District,” he added.

“I just thought it would be so great for the kids,” Erickson said. “I’m really glad our school got picked!”


Suzanne Middle School math teacher Amy Erickson will soon receive a 21st century classroom makeover courtesy of OnPoint. Shown with Board Member Cindy Ruiz, OnPoint Director Tiffany Chen, OnPoint CEO Kevin Mulligan, Principal Les Ojeda, Superintendent Dr. Robert Taylor, and 7th grade students. 

This summer, Suzanne Middle School math teacher Amy Erickson will receive a 21st century classroom makeover courtesy of OnPoint Innovative Learning Environments. Shown with Kevin Mulligan and Tiffany Chan.