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King of Walnut High School

October 14, 2016

WALNUT, CA—Stephan Capps, 18, may only stand three-feet-tall, but this week he’s feeling like a giant.

The Walnut High senior was crowned 2016 homecoming king during the annual dance held last weekend.

He began campaigning for the crown several weeks ago.

“I’d ask everyone to vote for me. I really wanted to be king!’ he explained.

The whole experience of being part of the court has been “very fun,” according to Capps.

During the Oktoberfest-themed assembly, each prince and princess, donned in formalwear, paired up for a special dance.

“We did the Dab!” he proudly exclaimed while demonstrating the popular move.

The school’s homecoming queen, Kayli Brown, 17, was announced during the football game held October 7.

“I was really surprised and had wanted this since I was little!” she said.

During the dance held Saturday night in the gymnasium, Capps heard his name called as the winner of the school-wide vote.

“They gave me the crown and everybody cheered,” he recalled of the exciting moment.

Then the royal couple held hands during a slow dance.

“I was proud that we both won together,” said Brown, a member of the school’s Academic Design Program.

About two years ago, Capps was profiled in the school’s Mustang Update broadcast about disability awareness.

His message remains the same: “I’m just like everybody else - who cares about size.”

“It’s really nice here (at Walnut High) and everyone accepts me. In every class, I’ve met some really cool people,” he added.

“Our students have embraced this special young man,” said teacher Bob Van Setten.

Along with his new title, Capps is enjoying working with kids through an ROP child development class, and after school at the Vejar Elementary Fun Club. He’s also a member of the Leos Club and hopes to become a child psychologist someday.

“I have a job that’s so much fun and they really like me – it’s nice,” he said.

Capps said that being named homecoming king is a good way of leaving his mark on the campus.

“I think people will remember me for this after I leave here.”

By Kelli Gile, Office of Community Resources


Congratulations to the Walnut High School homecoming king and queen, Stephan Capps and Kayli Brown. 

Homecoming Court members Kayli Brown and Stephan Capps during the assembly. 

Kayli Brown was crowned homecoming queen during the football game on October 7. Shown with parents and Principal Brandon Dade. 

Days after being crowned homecoming king, Walnut High senior Stephan Capps still received congratulations around campus. Shown with Melanie Marin, Patrina Yang, Shaunte Castaneda, and Frankie Zamarripa.