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Caring for Mother Earth

October 25, 2016

WALNUT, CA—The landscaping at Walnut Elementary School now includes nine new evergreen trees planted during a ceremony by students and their teachers.

The 24” box bay laurels were donated by the Beauty of Sharing Foundation. The school will be participating in the non profit’s Green Pets Program, which provides a hands-on learning experience for students to plant, observe, and care for their trees.

On October 14, the school hosted an assembly to thank the organization and its volunteers.

About 140 Walnut Elementary 4th graders joined the planting celebration. 

“This year my classmates will be adopting trees as our class pet,” said Kelly Ibrahim, age 9.

“We will become scientists who make observations and record the process. We will water them, love them, and make sure nothing bad happens to our pets!”

Students even picked out names for their new green pets like Green Ninja, Skittles, and Leafy.

“We’re looking forward to starting this adventure together. It is a special learning opportunity for our students,” said Principal Robert Chang.

Additionally, Mrs. Linda Kim’s class will learn more about trees through a workbook that incorporates Next Generation Science Standards.

Students were very excited to see the green pets, which will eventually stand over 20-feet-tall.

“These trees will add more shade to our school,” said Joseph Monroy.

“We can sit around them at recess!” added Nicole Han, age 9.

The program aims at inspiring students to care for and respect the environment.

“If we can let the children care about the trees, they will eventually learn to care about the Earth,” said Board Member Dr. Tony Torng.

Several Maintenance Department grounds workers were on hand to supervise the planting project near Lemon Avenue.

“I will always remember our group’s tree, Amber Green. I will come back and visit - even when I get older!” added Ibrahim.

By Kelli Gile, Office of Community Resources


Walnut Elementary fourth graders join a planting celebration with Beauty of Sharing Foundation members Dabby Wu and Monica Tsai. Also shown: Principal Robert Chang, Board Member Dr. Tony Torng, Assistant Superintendent Mike Hodson, Teacher Linda Kim, Custodian Lupe Ochoa, and Grounds Worker Jeff MacMaster

Dig in! Teacher Linda Kim’s 4th graders begin planting their Green Ninja tree at Walnut Elementary. 

Grounds workers Paul LeBrun and Noel Foly demonstrate tree planting at Walnut Elementary.