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Suzanne Middle School mathletes earn awards

March 17, 2017

WALNUT, CA--The Suzanne Middle School Mathcounts team took 3rd place at the East San Gabriel Valley Chapter competition held on February 25.

The math team included Satvik Muddana, Benjamin Jin, Joshua Hsu, and Daniel Ji. Individual competitors were Deven Tseng, Serena Huang, Allison Lin, Jenny Sheng, Andrew Shi and Bryan Wang, with alternate Chardrark Muddana.

Satvik Muddana, Benjamin Jin, and Deven Tseng qualified for the Countdown Round event, ranking in the top 16 during the competition.

School math wizzes competed in the AMC 10 math competition on February 11 with a 25-question, 75-minute multiple-choice exam containing difficult problems that can be solved with algebra and geometry concepts. 

The top three school scorers were Jenny Shen – gold medal, Joshua Hsu - silver medal, and Daniel Ji – bronze medal.

Additionally, 50 students participated in the challenging AMC 8 math contest. The AMC 8 questions covered many different topics, which exceed the normal middle school curriculum.

The 40-minute timed competition included 25 multiple-choice questions.

Jenny Shen took home the gold medal with a top school score of 21 out of 25. She was also awarded an Honor Roll Certificate for scoring in the top 5% of the nation.

Joshua Hsu, Deven Tseng, and Bryan Wang earned silver medals with scores of 19 out of 25.  They also earned Honor Roll Certificates for scoring in the top 5% of the nation.

Chandrark Muddana earned the bronze medal with a score of 17 out of 25.

“I am honored to have such talented and enthusiastic mathletes in our Mathcounts team and clubs,” said coach Amy Erickson.


The Suzanne Mathcounts team took 3rd place awards. Shown:  Benjamin Jin, Joshua Hsu, Daniel Ji, and Satvik Muddana. Jenny Shen, Allison Lin, Chandrark Muddana, Serena Huang, Andrew Shi, Deven Tseng, Bryan Wang, with advisor Amy Erickson. 

Suzanne AMC 10 top winners are Jenny Shen, Joshua Hsu and Daniel Ji.

Suzanne AMC 8 top winners are Jenny Shen, Bryan Wang, Joshua Hsu, Deven Tseng, and Chandrark Muddana.