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National Signing Day

February 8, 2018

By Kelli Gile, Office of Community Resources

DIAMOND BAR, CA--Two hard working Diamond Bar High girls soccer players made their college commitments official during national signing day.

Goalkeeper Samantha Blazek will be heading to York University in Nebraska and outside midfielder Valerie Swisher will play at Westmont College in Santa Barbara next fall.

School leaders, families, and friends joined the signing ceremony held Wednesday.

Athletes that receive scholarships to continue playing their sport at the collegiate level is the result of years of dedication and sacrifice, said athletic director Albert Lim.

“And today we get to celebrate the accomplishments of Samantha and Valerie!”

“This has always been my dream!” said Samantha, age 18, who admitted wanting to be a pro player since the age of five.

“Obviously, that’s not going to happen,” she said about the highly competitive sport.

“Just to be able to play in college is a blessing!”

Samantha said she what she likes most about soccer is the “play of the game.”

“The whole team has to work together to move the ball and break down the other team so you can score,” she explained.

“You always have to grow and get better. And it’s always new!”

She plans to double major in criminal justice and history and pursue a career in law enforcement.

Valerie, age 17, has felt at home on the field since she was four years old.

“I have loved playing for the past 13 years. When you score it’s the most rewarding thing ever!” she described.

“Soccer has been my passion my whole life and I didn’t want to give it up,” she shared after the signing ceremony.

“You work so hard your whole life and to finally get rewarded means so much!”

Valerie plans to major in Business at Westmont.

The Brahma teammates, who became friends in seventh grade, were the only two players selected for the varsity team during their freshman year.

“We’ve made a lot of great friends and memories,” Samantha reflected.

“It has been a big part of my high school life,” Valerie added.


Diamond Bar High soccer players Samantha Blazek and Valerie Swisher sign letters of intent on February 7

Diamond Bar High goalkeeper Samantha Blazek signs letter of intent to play soccer at York University.

Brahma midfielder Valerie Swisher makes official commitment to play soccer at Westmont College on February 7.