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Spreading Kindness and Joy

February 13, 2018

By Kelli Gile, WVUSD Office of Community Resources

DIAMOND BAR, CA—Quail Summit Elementary leadership students made a special delivery to the Diamond Bar Senior Citizens Club on Monday.

The 25 Character Crew members arrived by school bus carrying envelopes packed with hundreds of handwritten valentines.

“Every student at our school made these cards of kindness,” shared 3rd grader Evelyn Wu.

‘We just want to make them happy!”

“I hope these Valentine’s Day cards make them smile,” commented 5th grader Joseph Hills moments before students began passing out their love letters.

“This has become a tradition, we’ve been waiting for you!” said volunteer Laura Estrada welcoming the children to the meeting held at the Diamond Bar Center.

The handmade cards featured messages like “We Love You”,“You Are Special,” and “You Are So Important to Us.”

The seniors were thrilled to receive the bounty of Valentine’s Day gifts.

“They make me feel loved!” beamed Laura O’Neil who had several glittered and 3-D cards displayed at her table.

The students took turns at the microphone sharing Character Crew activities geared to make a positive difference each day in the school and community.

During the holidays, the students hosted a canned food and sock drive for area needy.

Members are currently collecting cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls for monkeys at the Santa Ana Zoo.

“It will keep their brains active,” reported Giulia Ladwig.

Next month, students will paint messages of hope on 600 rocks and leave them around the Diamond Bar community to inspire others.

“The kids are adorable!” one senior commented while admiring the work of the young service-minded group.

“We hope these valentines bring joy and let you know how very special you are to us,” said 4th grader Aiden Sou.

“We love you!” smiled first grader Elisabeth Ng as the audience broke out in applause 

“We don’t often take the time to put words down on paper,” said teacher Kathy McLean.

“This opportunity gives our students a chance see how much impact their kind words have.”

The seniors club provides generous support to the school each year, funding several special activities including an upcoming author visit.

“We appreciate you more than words can say!” said elementary learning specialist Leann Legind.

“My advice is that you hold on to that picture,” Estrada said after the 600 valentines were passed out.

“You never know if one of our wonderful children will become famous!”


Quail Summit Elementary students deliver handmade valentines to Diamond Bar seniors on February 12

Happy Valentine’s Day from Quail Summit Elementary Character Crew! Shown with advisors Kathy McLean, Pam Leslie, Leann Legind, Rhonda Barners, principal Frances Weissenberger, and Wanda Tanaka.