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Wireless mics, portable devices, modular furnishings

October 11, 2018

By: Kelli Gile, WVUSD Office of Community Resources


DIAMOND BAR, CA--South Pointe Middle School math teacher Annie Kim no longer stands at the white board to deliver lessons on equivalent fractions or algebraic expressions.


She is able to move freely among her 7thgrade students wearing a wireless microphone while writing on a portable tablet.


The crystal-clear images are instantly projected on three widescreen plasmas positioned around the class.


Kim’s students are seated around clusters of modular furnishings and can easily swivel to view the monitors.


“This new style of teaching is giving me the ability to check for understanding more frequently than ever before,” the teacher said.


“I’ve definitely noticed that engagement increases.”


In total, four pilot classrooms at South Pointe are providing 21stcentury learning environments.


Science teacher Kellie Muragishi now displays laboratory procedures along with examples of scientific phenomena using a projector and multiple viewing screens.


“I love the fact that all of my students have equal access to the information I am presenting,” she shared on Wednesday.


There is no front or back of the class in any of these new innovative learning spaces.


“No matter where a child sits, they have a clear view of demonstrations, lecture notes, and homework problems,” Muragishi added.


The flexible seating and table configurations also allow students to move around and work collaboratively according to the needs of each lab activity.


“We’re getting to learn in an environment that is not just looking through the textbook,” commented 8thgrader Dana Yang.


“It’s easy to hear instructions and we don’t waste time having Ms. Muragishi repeat things over and over again.”


Muragishi says the teacher microphone has become a “lifesaver.”


“I thought I had a loud voice, but now my voice is not strained at the end of the day!”





Innovative Learning Spaces! Math teacher Annie Kim delivers a lesson with wireless microphone and tablet at South Pointe Middle School. 


South Pointe Middle School students easily view three widescreen monitors in innovative classroom.